Kidsquad has been operating in schools in north west London for nearly a decade with great success. I am very proud of how many children have come through the club and achieved their fitness goals and improved their mental and physical health.  We continue to train children and teens from 5-16 year olds in age-appropriate classes designed to really boost all areas of physical and mental fitness.  My wonderful team of instructors are all fully qualified and hold advanced DBS checks.  They are NSPCC checked to work with children and adhere to strict government guidelines in safeguarding children.


Gemma Ricke

I set up Kidsquad over 9 years ago to develop children’s fitness in a more meaningful way and my passion for helping children become stronger and fitter is as strong today as it was back then.


After having my own children and taking a break from running a successful personal training business, I wanted to offer a boost to children’s exercise over and above what was offered in schools.  I felt that if you were a child who didn’t naturally excel at sports and exercise, you could easily fall through the cracks and not really participate in much, if any exercise during the school week.  With the added load of easily available junk food and increased sedentary lifestyle due to devices and social media, I could see the potential for obesity and weight related illnesses becoming prevalent.  


Henrique Santana

Hi my name is Henrique and I have worked for Kidsquad for 4 years.  I am currently also studying Sports & Exercise Science at uni developing my knowledge and experience in the sports and fitness industry.  


In Kidsquad classes I help to teach children how to use their body weight as a tool to improve strength and fitness. This brings increased confidence and a higher level of motor skills which helps feed into all other areas of fitness including competitive sports.  


I love working with Kidsquad and seeing how children and teens progress both physically and mentally.  I also work as a private Kidsquad personal trainer.  


Fun fact about myself is I am a semi professional football player with experience in playing and coaching!


Nelson Taia

My name is Nelson and I have been working for Kidsquad for 2 extraordinary years where I had the opportunity to employ my  skills to help kids and teenagers aged between 5-16 years old, to be fitter and healthier through exercise. 


My classes explore all the aspects of the body and mind, and focus on boosting self confidence, improving cardiovascular and muscular fitness as well as body awareness and coordination. These improvements are then responsible for better performances in other extra curricular activities, but I also strongly believe it helps children to be more focused and disciplined towards learning.


Besides the many and so gratifying Kidsquad classes I also offer Personal Training and 1 to 1 sessions or 100% commitment online guidance.

“My son absolutely loves kids squad and I was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge and ability to do all the exercises which I do with my personal trainer at the gym. Now I have company to work out with at home. Thanks to this amazing team.”


Ivneet Kaur "