Kidsquad have been delivering high quality pre-school and after-school training at schools in London since 2011.

Our friendly, professional trainers are DBS checked and deliver high quality, dynamic fitness programmes for pre-prep, juniors and seniors.


The benefits of regular exercise spill into all areas of life, having a big impact of self esteem and greater self confidence.  Kidsquad classes are reward-driven in the same way as karate.  We hold exams each term and progress through ability levels all the way up to the very top, elite level.  Children receive T-shirts, badges, certificates and kitbags along with specific rewards such as hoodies and caps. This ensures motivation stays high and children really do progress their fitness in a meaningful way.

In addition to our classes, we are doing our bit to help during the COVID 19 pandemic by offering online classes directly to your home!



Excellent fitness training and knowledge of fitness jargon for the kids. I love that my son knows what burpees and sit ups are and can compete with me, to do them. Thanks Kidsquad for training my son. He loves it. 


Supriya x


We are always looking for new partners.  Kidsquad delivers professional fitness programmes conducted in your school gymnasium or sports facility.  We offer programmes for years 2-11 age-adjusted to offer maximum benefits to all age groups.  If you are a school and are interested in what we do, please get in touch to discuss how we can bring Kidsquad to your children.